Beautiful bamboo scaffoldings.
 Yes, my friend! This where your company should have put that logo.
 8:45AM Let's mop the carpet right before everyone comes running into the office. Nothing like a fresh mopped carpet.
 It's warm. Ok. I get it.
 Not so funny. Big monkey walking his monkeys. And what's up with that bicycle? 
 Less is more? Not in China.
 You can't miss but you can't touch me. Going through the red light with apparently no brakes. 
 This dude is the Fonzy among Chinese shoe delivery boys, sitting up there posing with his cigarette. 
 This cool guy has a busy morning supplying local restaurants by subway on his own.  
 A taxi driver in Shanghai that needed a break. Then came back to the car, wiped his hand on a dirty piece of cloth and put that right next to me.
 Help! I don't know where to look.
 I love it when you can hardly pull your luggage because the carpet is so soft and high. Reminds me of snow in Holland.
 This restaurant just screams "welcome". Or maybe I should have screamed something.
 A scooter is not broken until the engine is. 
 Chickenfeet making peace signs.
 Don't trust every label you read.
 Another simple yet perfectly balanced design.
 This is a workout. Walking backward for an hour with two watertanks in your hands. Sometimes taking a nip. Yeah!
 Separating the neighbourhood's garbage right next to my building on the sidewalk for hours.
 Then the paper specialists, the plastics man and the glass people come by with their bicycles to pick up all the separated garbage and drive it out of town.
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